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of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is a book of action. It reads almost like a news report, with a journalist live on the scene as it all goes down, giving you the play-by-play of Jesus’ life on earth. From His clashes with the Pharisees to His miracles, the Gospel of Mark feels like the closest thing we have to a front row seat for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That means you can read the book like you would a news report. What details are included, and why are they in here? What is the author trying to communicate with the information given? The more you can get into the head of how first century readers might have interpreted the Gospel of Mark, the closer you’ll be to the full power of the story being told here, and why it still matters today.

Session 1

Jesus’s Ministry

Session 2

Jesus' Gains Followers

Session 3

Parables & Stories

Session 4


Session 5

God’s Greater Plan

Session 6

Jesus’ Lessons

Session 7

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Session 8

Jesus Tells What is to Come

Session 9

Jesus’ Last Night

Session 10

Crucifixion & Resurrection